That is the only word I can find to describe these yarns! The amethyst and lime green are for a new bag I am in the process of knitting and then felting. The striped bag in the sherbert colors was my first attempt at felting... complete with a fabric and beaded flower to top it off!


Thought I would post a photo of one of the little art shelves I have in my livingroom. It holds just a few of the wonderful pieces I have received from my talented art buddies. I adore being able to sit here at night and look at all the love that was put into each and every piece!The little silver cups lining the bottom of the shelf are antique children's cups that are all engraved with names (like Zelda!). I call these little gems my "orphans".... cast-offs that I have rescued to preserve the spirit of those who used them long ago. They are battered, dented, tarnished and very well loved!And look at these pricelesss little children's plates! The plate with the circus dogs is part of a set I found in a fleamarket. I purchased them with theintention of selling them in my antiques store, but ended up being unable to part with them. Aren't they wonderful?


A little piece of me...

Today is photo day... I took these pictures over the past few days while spending some time in my most favorite place on the planet - the Berkshire Hills. Tweaked them all a bit with Photoshop! Enjoy.


And the deck goes on....

This is my new card for the art card deck ~ this week's theme is "numbers".


One of those days...

I was in my studio early this morning, full of ideas for the two 8x10 canvases I am working on for trades with friends. The first, "Open Door", had a mind of it's own and came together quickly. Love it when that happens! The second, "Time", was an experiment using crackle medium, along with a rusting medium for the background. The clock was printed on rice paper and collaged on using Perfect Paper adhesive. All in all I was fairly happy with the outcome - picked up both canvases to take inside and promptly spilled an entire cup of hot coffee all over both of them. After spewing a few unprintable words, I wiped them down and voila! Instant aging! So to whomever ends up receiving these pieces... it's not your imagination... yes, they DO smell like Starbucks!!


4 of Hearts - Bird Theme

New card for art deck... transparencies and photos.


Inspire Me Thursday

This is my first project for the Inspire Me Thursday digital challenge.
I love the endless things you can do with Photoshop!



Have been tagged by Audrey this afternoon, so here goes!
5 things in my fridge: leftover lasagne, wine (always!), Brie, asparagus, scallops
5 things in my purse: small sketchbook, a Mother's Day card to send, baggie of beads, Tums, dog collar (don't ask!)
5 things in my closet: riding boots (I was last on a horse 15 years ago), a nun's costume from Halloween, parts to build a dollhouse, my mother's wedding dress from 1945, my grandmother's fur coat circa 1920
5 things in my car: stack of paperbacks, a gazillion Dunkin Donut coffee cups, new art supplies I'm hiding from my DH , favorite necklace (I know it's in there somewhere), styptic powder (again, don't ask!)

Pretty normal stuff, IMHO!!!

Am also posting a photo I found today of a box I constructed while teaching at the high school... the students were studying "tramp art" and I had them construct "faux" tramp art boxes out of cardboard and a cigar box base. They were pretty neat!


Box Book

Small accordian book housed in a cover made from a 3x3 cardboard jewelry box.


More Art Card Deck...

And the deck goes on... 2 of hearts:

And the 3 of hearts: And can you believe I spelled Specimen wrong??????