simply... amazing

Isn't this incredible? Completely unretouched... new camera (Casio) and I am one HAPPY camper!!!


Sweet dreams

Spent a rainy afternoon fussing around with this 8x10 collage, which will be one page in an art group's calendar.


calendar pages

Two pages for a calendar round robin... the gesso police are coming for me.


A "2-fer" day...

No, dear friends - I did not run out of gesso and to prove it I am posting a new card for the art deck. The theme is "repetition".


You must excuse my present obsession with gesso. A studio staple that I have only used in the past for priming canvases (and I also use it on beeswax collages!) ... for whatever reason I can't get enough of the stuff. So if all of my artwork looks more than vaguely familiar for the next few days (weeks, months - lol!!) - please cut me some slack ....I am under a spell!! The dog, however, is not quite so forgiving (as I furiously scrub a large splotch off his cute little Pug nose!) Sorry, Moose!
Photo: 5x5 calendar cover for round robin.


Alphabetique ATCs

How does one grown woman get covered from head to toe with gesso and gel medium and end up with two tiny little ATC's??? You would think a bomb went off in my studio - lol! At any rate - here are the next two in my "Alphabet Francaise" (with apologies to my dear high school French teacher, Madamoiselle Ellison)



Finally jumped out of my slump a bit and finished these cards for the art deck - the Ace of Diamonds (theme: favorite quote) and Ace of Spades (theme:music). They are both 5 x 7. The Ace of diamonds is a paper and wood collage... Ace of Spades is a paper collage.
In case you can't read the quote it says "Time stand still best in moments that look suspiciously like ordinary life".
Also finally made the first card for the Alphabet ATC series that we are doing in creative journeys. I have decided that since I adore all things French, my series will all be in the language of love!