Nature Triptych

This is a triptych (4" x 8") for a swap with the "nature" theme. Materials are painted decorative paper, sun transparency, shells and starfirsh and clip art. Edged with gold-colored rattail. Mother-of-pearl square buttons on front from "Joggles" (one of my favorites!). Yarn and seaglass beads on the ring hinges.


Art Card challenge

"Time" theme. Composed of digital elements, watercolors, brass and copper embellishments and transparency overlay collage.



I've been feeling like I need to head in a different direction with my art lately and am drawn to more organic styles and elements. Since I had 2 decos to work in, I decided to play and see what happens. The first piece is a library card deco from Marcy, that is already filled with wonderful artwork. I had some patinaed wire mesh left over from a workshop I took with Nina Bagley (the queen of organic in my book!), copper tape and a mica circle. I also used a tranparency (vintage, of course - lol) for the card.

The second piece is a 2 page spread for Kristen's mini Nature book. I used things that I had picked up at Moonstone beach last summer... time for another trip there to search for treasures!


A bit of vintage whimsy


A little fun