New Art Deck Theme

Cowgirls!!! Decided to go digital this week...


New Art Deck Cards

Vintage Children theme: 5 x 7 paper collage
Architecture theme: 5 x 7 paper and stamped transparency collage


New calendar pages

Two more calendar pages - August and April - for Ms. Christine's rr calendar. April is a photo tranfered onto fabric and then hand beaded. August is a paper emphemera and transparency collage.


Family Album page

This is the the front and back of my contribution to a wonderful project being hosted by sweet Laura Duet... all of the participants have created their own "faux relative"... mine is (naturally!) a woman with a bit of a "jaded" history - lol!


Brimfield find...

Those of you out there that are not familiar with the Brimfield (Massachusetts) Antiques Market are missing out on one of the most entertaining events in the state. Thousands of antique dealers bring their goods and sell for one week, 3 times a year, in tents along the main street of a lovely New England town. It can be quite the circus! I try to attend at least once a year, just to poke around and search for unusual pieces that could be used in my artwork. This time I happened upon this tintype - it stopped me in my tracks - the dealer thought she was probably one of the most "facially challenged" tintypes he had seen in a long time - lol! So of COURSE she had to come home with me!! I will have to think long and hard about where she will eventually end up!



ATC's for a Halloween swap....


June 26,1897 to Sept.8,1983

My Nana... a fun-loving but sensible, practical but indulgent, simple but wise woman that I adored. I miss you still.



The conversation went something like this:
Mom: "If everyone else jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge, would you jump too?"
Me (at 5 years old): "Well, I don't know... are they having a party?"

Well - it appears that I am indeed taking the plunge that many fellow artists have made lately and opened an Etsy shop to offer a few pieces of my artwork for sale. And a scary jump it is! I hope that you will take a moment to peek at my store. I stink at shameless self-promotion... (sigh).
Any and all comments will be gratefully accepted!



Don't you love it when your artwork just makes itself?
Three pages for a calendar round robin...