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Sleeping In The Forest

I thought the earth remembered me,
she took me back so tenderly,
arranging her dark skirts, her pockets full of lichens and seeds.
I slept as never before, a stone on the riverbed,
nothing between me and the white fire of the stars but my thoughts,
and they floated light as moths among the branches of the perfect trees.
All night I heard the small kingdoms breathing around me,
the insects, and the birds who do their work in the darkness.
All night I rose and fell, as if in water, grappling with a luminous doom.
By morning I had vanished at least a dozen times
into something better.

poem by Mary Oliver


Familiar Phrases

I will not be posting much artwork for a while... am in the middle of completing some long-term projects...but thought I would share these interesting little tidbits I found today in a really unique old book titled "Modern Book of Thoughts" published in 1930. The book contains a lot of quotes from Shakespeare, English poets and Proverbs. One section in the book is "Familiar Phrases" which gives the origins of phrases that we still use today. I thought it was really interesting to see how old some of them actually are:

"Birds of a feather flock together" - Plato
"As busy as a bee" - Chaucer 1386
" Cherchez la femme (Find the Woman)" - Alexander Dumas
"As pleased as Punch" - Charles Dickens in "Hard Times"
" A closed mouth catches no flies" - Cervantes in "Don Quixote"
" Here's you hat, what's your hurry?" - B. Costello 1904 song title
"Swan Song" - Plato
"O.K." - archives of Sumner County in Tennessee 1796 - was a mistake for
"O.R." (Order Recorded)
"Who loves me loves my dog also" - St. Bernard 1150
"By hook or crook" - John Wycliffe 1380 - based on the custom of allowing
tenants as much timber as could be gathered with their hook (staff) and

And that completes my lesson for today!!

I also want to thank everyone who has sent me get well wishes and prayers... am on the road to recovery and I have gained much strength from my friends!

Have a great week everyone!

Artwork above from an altered mini composition book


heart is 8" tall


Doodle Days (Daze)

I know.. here's a woman with way too much time on her hands... but oh, it is SO much fun to doodle!